Famous Fashion

Marta Ortega opts for a quite sober black tuxedo for the first wedding party

The first images of marriage were arriving at the Nautical Club of La Coruña, where the first of the two parties will be held during the weekend. Casual chic It was the style that the bride and groom requested for this event and the truth is that the newlyweds have not taken it to the letter, because they could not go anymore sober and simple, there was a guest who was more spectacular than the bride herself.

Marta Ortega He wore a black tuxedo with a satin lapel, a rather unflattering design because the jacket was quite long and the ankle pants wide. We are also surprised by the construction of the satin flap, completely wrinkled to be a Valentino tailor-made. The most interesting thing about the look is the Silk blouse of the same tone completely transparent, something that brings freshness to the whole. The shoe also black and with PVC is quite stylish. As the protagonist she is, we expected more color and volume on such a special night.