Orthodontics is a trend: need or fashion? We asked Dr. Nadia Sarmini for the best options and how to get it right

I don't know if the same thing happens to me, I see brackets everywhere, but not only in children, I see them in my friends, acquaintances, in elderly people ..., and if I look a little more, I see invisaling; so many that I have come to consider the possibility of joining this trend and finishing the orthodontics I never finished as a child.

The truth is that there is a growing interest in dental aesthetics, dentures are becoming more perfect and it is strange to see disorderly, disproportionate or "out of place" teeth. Until recently, I wondered if it was a simple fashion or a real need. I am aware that we live in the era of the image, but in the case of orthodontics, functional problems may lie. For everything, this is a topic that I wanted to write about a long time ago, and when I met Dr. Nadia Sarmini Fernández director of the Bernabéu Clinic and knowing that he has all the orthodontic procedures I decided to ask questions that I had been wanting to ask for a long time and that resolved all my doubts.

The first thing I asked is why, and the doctor is clear that the main reason for attending a consultation is to improve the aesthetic appearance and the visible effect of the teeth, but paradoxically many patients, after a few months of treatment, come to notice not only a purely physical improvement but also functional, stating that problems such as headaches, joint pain or difficulty chewing are markedly reduced.

Now, orthodontics is not a mere whim, in addition to the economic cost, it requires a compromise, since everything is as easy as it seems. It takes months, we will feel some discomfort and our image will be in some cases highlighted by a smile "adorned". I know there are procedures removable and fixed, but the advice of doctors is that even choosing the first ones, we should not separate from our orthodontic apparatus. Being an adult entails seriousness and commitment when looking for a objective.

As for procedures, I had been looking for a clinic for a while where the 4 I heard about effective results. For all tastes, more visible or less, to be informed, I explain each one.

Metal Bracket Technique

They are the best known, the most economical, fixed and very effective in complicated cases. They are indicated for people of all ages from children of 8 years, which is the minimum age recommended to adults, and patients who want correct bad positioning of the teeth and correct the bite.

They require a detailed maintenance, use interproximal brushes, use a specific orthodontic brush, brush your teeth three times a day and be careful when eating certain foods that could damage the orthodontic appliance.

They cause some discomfort when it comes to biting, although in most cases it remits after two to three days. It is also usual to feel annoyance in the placement of the appliance and after adjustments to the orthodontic appliance. It is common for small wounds or canker sores due to the rubbing of the device with the mucosa. The average treatment time, from 12 to 24 months and the estimated average price, from 1,880 to 2,720 euros.

Sapphire Bracket Technique

In this case the brackets They are translucent, semi-transparent. They are more discreet and are indicated for adult patients who need an alternative aesthetic solution of low cost. They cause the same care, maintenance and discomfort in placement and revisions as the previous ones. The treatment time is from 12 to 24 months and the price, from 2,740 to 3,740 euros.

Lingual Technique

This technique is not the best known, and yet I am surprised by the possibility of carrying a permanent infallible in a way virtually invisible. It is an orthodontics that can hardly be seen, since the brackets are placed in the interior of the dental arch. It is indicated in adult patients who want to solve any defect related to bite and crowding of the dental pieces, they look for an aesthetic and are very demanding with their physical appearance.

It requires brushing your teeth three times a day after each meal, using interproximal brushes to clean the gaps between the braces and using specific orthodontic brushes that usually have a pointed end and bristles with grooves, so that the longer bristles come in to the points under bracekts and the short ones clean the dental surface. They are not particularly comfortableThey cannot be removed, they are difficult to clean and can cause a sore. The average treatment time is calculated between 12 and 24 months and the average price is higher than the previous ones, between 5,000 and 5,760 euros.

Invisaling technique

It is the king procedure in adults, for invisible and removable, as long as the economy can allow it. Indicated for all types of patients who want to solve any defect related to the bite and crowding of the dental pieces, although it is indicated for all types of patients from children to adults, it is especially recommended in adults.

They are more comfortable than the previous ones, it is possible that with the first devices, since they are being renewed during the treatment, we feel pressure in the mouth or some discomfort. The teeth should move slowly, and at first you feel more pressure but within a few days it disappears. The estimated average treatment time is from 7 months to 24 months. The aligners They should be clean as they help keep the teeth healthy, you have to clean them both outside and inside. The average price, from 3,300 to 5,100 euros.

It is clear that before embarking on this path you have to ask yourself if it really is what we want, given that it is an economic investment and a long road that requires commitment, maintenance and some discomfort. The point in favor is that practically all clinics provide financing or fractional payment and that the end result of a orthodontics it's fantastic. If after analyzing these points you are willing to carry it out ... go ahead!

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