Okuda San Miguel: the Santander artist who has filled Boston with color and pop art

Boston Harbor Boulevard It is full of sculptures of infinite colors with animal shapes. A great exhibition of the work of pop Art from Santander Okuda San Miguel which allows you to bring your work to the public, exposing yourself in public spaces so that, of course, you can take a photo next to the sculptures. This exhibition brings together nature with mythology in perfect harmony with the environment.

Okuda aims to "create vibrant places that are full of color and positivity, helping and hoping to change people's lives"With this commission the Port of Boston is getting a great exhibition of his work internationally. With a easily recognizable aesthetic and that attracts more than 200 thousand followers on Instagram, Okuda increasingly generates more interest in the art world.

This multidisciplinary artist he applies his particular vision of color to sculptures, paintings, walls of buildings (there are already his graffiti in Moscow, Santander or Canada) or clothing. This transformation of the port boulevard is baptized as "Air, sea and land", bringing together seven kaleidoscopic works with the colors of the rainbow that strongly attract the attention of pedestrians.

Video: Go up the side of Torontos vibrant new 23-storey mural (November 2019).