This Amazon Epi and Blas t-shirt has become a gay icon

In the last 24 hours two of the most famous characters of Sesame Street, Epi and Blas, have given much to talk and they have become a global trending topic. Series writer Mark Saltzman revealed, yesterday, that Epi and Blas were inspired by him and his partner, but the owners of Sesame Street have denied it. Whatever, Epi and Blas have become a gay icon and U.S We have found the iconic shirt par excellence.

Sesame Street was one of the childhood series of our childhood. We all stuck on TV to see the adventures of Epi and Blas, the Cookie Monster, Coco ... After the statements of the scriptwriter of the children's series to Queerty magazine stating that Epi and Blas were a couple, the owners of Sesame Street and Franz Oz (one of the creators of Epi and Blas) have denied it and affirmed through the Sesame Workshop twitter account (the non-profit organization behind the series) that they were really best friends and that Sesame Street puppets have no sexual orientation. The controversy has been unleashed in social networks.

What is clear is that this debate is the ideal occasion to celebrate diversity and what better way to take a shirt with the two protagonists of the series of our childhood.

T-shirt with front print with Epi and Blas and their names The shirt is available in multiple colors: white, yellow, blue, red, orange ...

  • In Amazon from 14.69 euros.

Sesame Street in Pull & Bear

Epi and Blas or Bert and Ernie (the original names of these characters) and other protagonists of Sesame Street are also present in the Pull & Bear collection. The firm has created a short shirt set on denim and jeans mom with an original print of Sesame Street.

  • Short sleeve denim shirt, for 25.99 euros

  • High waist jeans, for 35.99 euros.

If you are more Cookie Monster fan, Pull & Bear also has a very cool t-shirt Short sleeve in white and con drawing of the Cookie Monster on the chest.

  • Cookie Monster t-shirt, for 12.99 euros.

Without a doubt, the Epi y Blas shirt is on its way to becoming a symbol to proudly celebrate diversity. What do you think of you?

T-shirt Epi and Blas (M)

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Clothing4 T-shirt Epi and Blas (S)

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