The best of the Atelier Couture 2019 catwalk: looks for the most demanding (and daring) brides and guests

Different styles and proposals very varied but all made to measure workshop, which is what predominates in this craft space dedicated to sewing. The Fernan Nuñez Palace in Madrid has long dressed to celebrate the Atelier Couture catwalk 2019 where he has presented his best and risky collections of girlfriend and guest. Two days of parades in which names such as Alicia Rueda, Cristina Piña, Rafael Urquizar or Nihil Obstat. They have delighted us with bold, sophisticated and stylish creations, perfect for brides and guests more demanding.

Alicia Rueda

Alicia Rueda has presented her most special collection. A very daring show, according to the designer herself, with creations that combine romanticism and sensuality, always with an extra dose of sophistication. Dresses with exquisite embroidery, semi-transparent designs and two-piece looks that combine jewel bodies and tulle skirts. Feathers, rhinestones and embroidery are responsible for decorating lace, crochet, tulle and thin chiffon models. The designer, who does not usually make parades, is happy that many celebrities Choose it for the red carpet.

The girlfriends from the creator of Bilbao they risk and like Make a Difference. Short and long dresses, asymmetrical and up to jumpsuit with a long tail ... are some of the fabulous wedding proposals. Models with mesh fabric details with wasps, layers, backs to the air, pronounced necklines and feathers ideal to surprise your wedding day.

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Cristina Piña

Cristina Piña's brides wear models of georgette, muslin, crepe, tulle and silk velvet, like to wrap themselves with mohair and feathers, and decorate themselves with valencienne lace. Bridal dresses are loaded with handmade embroidery with paillettes, Swarovski pearls and crystals. Subtle, elegant and delicate brides, who bet on a white palette, sand and coral brushstrokes.

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Eliz Smis

The proposal of Eliz Smis It stands out for a transgressive pattern. The collection is very sensual, formed by delicate handmade designs, which try to recover the crafts of ancient crafts such as bobbin lace. Looks in black and white and sequins for the guests and wedding dresses with an extra dose of sensuality with striking necklines and transparencies.

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Sedomir Rodriguez de la Sierra

Tulle and feathers for a delicate and very subtle collection. So are the proposals of Sedomir Rodriguez de la Sierra, dresses full of lace with sensual transparencies, winding necklines and very sexy openings. We also see velvet designs for the night that intermingle with delicate embroidery with vegetable shapes in metallic tones for the brides. As for the colors, the designer proposes a journey from pristine white, through gray and makeup tones, to black or yellow.

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Nihil Obstat

The Nihil Obstat collection is inspired by winter sunsets with chromatic brushstrokes in pink and gold tones that permeate the sky at this time. Armiche Rodríguez, alma mater of the brand, plays with the volumes and enhances the feminine figure through very light and transparent fabrics such as silk tulle, cotton and organza. It also introduces pleated and draped fabrics, as well as tulles with glossy finishes that range from silver to gold. Simple creations that combine traditional needle and handmade sewing, the perfect tandem of the firm. The touches are signed Mibúh

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By Loleiro

There is also room for touched. Flowers are the inspiration of By Loleiro: Dahlias, carnations, daisies, bougainvillea, peonies, roses and jasmine are delicately reproduced by hand in feathers with Swarovski details. Hats and pamelas, tiaras, jewelery veils and shawls in tulle. Pieces of feathers carved and dyed one by one in an artisanal way with terminations of gold thread, swarovski crystal or pearls, on flown lace, brass or alpaca leaves and porcelain flowers shape the brand's most sumptuous collection.

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Raquel Ferreiro

The dresses of Raquel Ferreiro they reflect something important in their life, combining fabrics and tones according to each moment. Creations of delicate fabrics such as georgettes and silk organza, French lace, brocades and cloqués with lamé threads, fabrics full of light and fantasy such as embroidery, rhinestones, feathers. Blends of textures and different shades, white and ivory but also blue, pink, gold, yellow, green, earth tones ... Blends that combine to show a very feminine, modern and timeless bride, as well as the exclusivity of haute couture, the exclusivity of each bride, each woman.

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Rafael Urquizar

The collection of Rafael Urquizar It is characterized by pieces with subtle volumes, and the silhouettes are sculptural and rigid or very fluid with drapes and layer effects. Looks that combine masculine garments like jackets and coats with other very feminine ones. The pants are always protagonists in their proposals and we see it both in the guest styles and in the bride's styles. Natural silk designs although worked in many textures: gauze, satin, knit, satin, lace and embroidery in different materials such as silk, glass, raffia and feathers.

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Inma Linares

Red and sky blue are the star colors for guests. White, with color details also in red, is the leading color of the brides of Inma Linares Feathers, transparencies, rhinestones and frills are the protagonists of both lines. They wear sophisticated designs that combine tight silhouettes with oversize with striking volumes.

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The creations of guests and girlfriend of Amarca They are fabulous. Marked waist dresses, made of silky fabrics, with brocades and embroideries with details of flowers and leaves in 3d and several models in layers. In the case of the guests, the main colors are yellow, blue and mauve.

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Emilio Salinas

Emilio Salinas He has created a collection inspired by the woman who travels in the luxurious Orient Express. The fabrics chosen in each design recreate a journey that begins in Paris based on natural silk, dupion, organza, wild silk and gazar; Venice is glimpsed in the brocades, in the damasks and rhinestones; and the glass embroideries are of oriental inspiration and remember the final destination in Istanbul. Very baroque creations in dusty tones and golden dyes in which we see everything: tailor suits, dresses with fitted bodies, cuts to biés, emballenados, skirts and bodies draped or knots, coats oversize and layers with wide and enveloping volumes.

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