In the footsteps of Inditex: 13 Spanish companies that conquer the world

Spanish fashion is in fashion. There are many companies in our country with great international success that are sweeping out of Spain, as with the Inditex Group, with Zara in the lead, accompanied by Massimo Dutti and Bershka. Other brands such as Desigual, Mango, El Corte Inglés, Adolfo Domínguez, Loewe and Custo Barcelona also have a very powerful presence outside our borders (some of them highlighted in this article). But the Spanish existence goes much further with other firms somewhat more 'small', which are going around the world do you want to know what they are?


Mango is one of the most important Spanish brands worldwide that has managed to establish itself as a reference product. The Catalan firm has 1,800 international stores and 2,217 points of sales, a brutal expansion. The markets in which it has more presence outside Spain are France, Russia, China, Turkey, United Kingdom and United States. The Catalan company has opened a few months ago its first stores in New Delhi and Mumbai.


The growth of Hawkers it's amazing. The sunglasses company founded in Elche with a turnover that exceeds 60 million euros and is present in more than 50 countries, has achieved its success thanks to a perfect digital strategy, especially advertising investment on Facebook, accompanied by the support of faces known as Paula Echeverría (the actress has created her own line), Ricky Rubio, Andrés Velencoso or Jorge Lorenzo. Their designs like and very much, and they are also accompanied by very cheap prices that range from 30 and 40 euros. The company has expanded business with other brands Miss Hamptons, Wolfnoir and Northweek.


The family lingerie firm Selmark, Based in O Porriño (Vigo), it surprises with its international presence. The brand is present in more than 3,000 points of sale worldwide, including China, the country where it has just landed. Its product line has expanded significantly with more than eight thousand references and more than two million units manufactured per year. Currently, Selmark invoices 30% of its sales abroad.


Tous is the Spanish jewelry brand present throughout the world. His iconic teddy bear has gone around the world. The company raises its sales to the final consumer by 10.6% in 2017 and reaches 446 million euros with a total of 622 stores in 53 different countries, 389 stores in the international market, with key markets such as China, the United States, Russia and Mexico. Actress Gwyneth Paltrow is still the firm's ambassador.

Miss Garcia

The Asturian luxury shoe brand that is conquering the world is Miss Garcia High quality shoes made to measure, customizable and made by hand, where you choose the color, the skin, the height ... always with bold and original designs. The firm has conquered the US market, even celebrities how Gwyneth Paltrow, Regina King or Eva Longoria, They have worn their models. Such is its success that the brand has a showroom In New York.


Desigual is another of the world's leading brands. It sweeps! Its characteristic prints enchant, although the firm has evolved with increasingly feminine garments, without neglecting striking combinations. In 2016 (their 2017 accounts are presented in March) they closed with 861 million euros. The Thomas Meyer brand has the surprising number of 400 stores outside Spain, and the most important markets abroad have it in Italy, France and Germany.

Dolores Cortés

The bathroom firm Dolores Cortés It is known worldwide. Not only because many celebrities opt for their designs, but also for the size range. The brand is present in more than 1,500 multitasking points of sale and in more than 15 countries (France, Portugal, Andorra, Italy, United Kingdom, Mexico, Lebanon, United Arab Emirates, Japan, Czech Republic, Russia, Germany).

Pretty Ballerinas

Pretty Ballerinas It is one of the most successful firms internationally. It belongs to the Mascaró Group, in fact Jaime Mascaró, its founder, was in charge of conquering the high class Jaime Mascaró began working with his father Pedro Mascaró in the small workshop of ballet dancers and became an expert in this type of design.

Claudia Schiffer in 2008 he wore a Pretty Ballerinas that was a boom for the brand. Now, Kate Moss, Olivia Palermo, Kate Middleton, Jessica Alba, Paz Vega, Angelina Jolie ... They are addicted to the most international Spanish dancers, in fact their last Spring-Summer 2018 campaign is starring Olivia Palermo. The brand has stores in Miami and Japan, next month in Osaka and also in the Dominican Republic. The next target is Thailand, in Nairobi (Kenya) and China. In fact, about 70% of its turnover is abroad.

One of 50

One of 50 It is one of the Spanish jewelry brands with more international projection, its turnover amounts to around 60 million euros per year. His striking pieces are all over the world, since the firm has 2,500 points of sale in 40 different countries and own shops in the most emblematic streets of Paris, Rome, London, Milan, Berlin, New York, Tokyo or Moscow, in addition to Madrid and Barcelona.


Sansoeurs It is a jewelry firm created by the Sánchez, Cristina and Estefanía sisters, two Galicians who founded the brand in 2010. The first was working for Zara as a accessories designer. Its pieces of silver and gold in a minimalist style are original and striking, of those that make a difference, and because of these premises it is one of the most innovative jewelry firms on the international scene with points of sale in Japan, Korea, United States, Lebanon, United Arab Emirates, Israel, Taiwan and several European countries ... Irina Shayk has worn her jewelry on the cover of Vogue.

The Goose

The style preppy from The Goose It is a success. The brand is still immersed in an ambitious international expansion project in Mexico, where you already have several points of sale, United Kingdom and France, to which you must join those of Portugal, Belgium, Chile, the Netherlands, Italy and Germany. This growth stage is led by the purchase in 2015 of 49% of its shareholding by L Capital, the investment fund linked to LVMH. Your clothes with touches british They are made in Getafe (Madrid) and in Italy.


Zubi It was announced in 2013 following its first fair in Paris. The brand sells in 12 countries through multi-brand stores, department stores and concept stores. The export represents 30% of its sales, having as main countries France, USA and Japan, in addition to online stores such as Anthropologie Olivia Palermo, Man Repeller (Leandra Medine) or Whitney Port you have zubis, bought by her on a visit to Barcelona.


Clara Alfaro is responsible for the shoe firm 5ymedia, name that comes from the correct heel centimeters for our health and also for greater comfort under the motto #HealthySexyWalk. The brand is a success outside our borders, in fact last November began selling in Anthropologie and a few days out of stock. Its classic cut models are perfect for everyday life and their prices range from 230 euros.

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