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Ivanka Trump wears pink and blends in with Japanese culture

Ivanka Trump continues his visit in the Japanese country and has shown us that he can blend in with your culture through your clothes (or try). Pink color millennial is the protagonist in both looks, but they do not look like each other. Donald Trump's daughter show that your style ladylike He accompanies her at all hours (and all over the world).

Rose and ladylike

With a two pink pieces and straight lines, Ivanka demonstrates that all garments can be adapted to the style of each. The only downside? The choice of your footwear - and perhaps the length of your mini (micro) skirt.

A kimono? It's not a dress

Following the lines of a typical Japanese kimono, the daughter of the President of the United States has opted for a dress printed with poppies and a large black bow at the waist (sash type). The contrast between the shades is striking and the puffed sleeves make this garment somewhat more urban.

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