Clara Lago leaves us speechless with her new look

September is a time for change, especially for a change of look, With the return to school and after the ravages of summer, you want to jump into a new style to start a new stage. These days we are seeing many of these changes, being the last to join the trend Clara Lago that has left us speechless

Some days ago He already told us through his Instagram account that there was a good haircut budding, however, once we have been able to see the result, we see that the thing has gone further ...

As you can see, the change has been absolute: Clara Lago premieres a lob to type layers swag with thick straight bangs and a much lighter color than his usual tan. A hairstyle with a touch of the seventies, of which is among the trends of this fall 2017, and that wastes style, although the coloring.

I really like the cut, however, I just didn't get the point, I would have liked it better in its natural tone.

What do you think of you?

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