We need more photo shoots like this to give the fashion world a 'body positive' lesson

I wish we met more people like the Canadian artist and photographer Kibby Kibwana. People wanting to show that beauty comes in all sizes and colors and willing to use her immense talent to prove it to us, in case there are skeptics in the room. Circle, gentlemen, that the images of your campaign Embrace They say it all by themselves.

And we are so used to advertising or film and television reflect the same model of female beauty that our eye sockets pop out when we suddenly run into an artistic work like Embrace, a series of incredible and sweeping photographs that are starring a woman of color with a size that is not usually the typical one.

And seeing the results, the beauty of the images, we are more aware than ever of the need for more examples and that women of all sizes, shapes and skin tones have a leading role in the world of fashion.

The incredible protagonist of Embrace is a Canadian Plus Size model called Yolanda who works with the agency Next Canada Models. On his Instagram you can see more samples of his work.

For the photographer "the idea of Embrace It came when my tireless search for diversity in the archives of my favorite artists resulted in more of the same. That's when I visualized something different, but with the same seductive results. With diversity comes inclusion, and it is the starting point for changing current norms. Embrace is not only to introduce this diversity, but to receive it with open arms."

If you liked Embrace, you can see more works by Kibby Kibwana on his Instagram account or here.

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