Garments with sleeves, meaningless but very cool, so are the new trends of low-cost stores

In the fashion world, thinking about things does not make much sense, trends come and go and they are so diverse and original that they keep surprising us. With this new trend you can confuse even the most experienced thinking that they are garments that really are not. A skirt that looks like a shirt and a top that is born from a denim jacket, garments with sleeves and without much sense but very cool.

Although this trend seems really new, it has been with us for many seasons, there are many large firms that have already used it such as Maison Martin Margiela or in Spain the designer David Delfin. Turn around the usual clothes to recreate them in different ones. The good thing is Zara and Mango Have you decided on this? They always lower trends a lot and make it perfect for the street and of course this yellow skirt looks like becoming a real revolution.

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