Shadows with the 3 B's: we tried Catrice's 'Golden Blossom' palette

I recommended it as one of the gifts of less than 20 euros with which you will surely be right and I told you with knowledge of cause: the palette Catrice's 'Golden Blossom' He has nothing to envy to others that far outnumber him in price.

Although its packaging is beautiful (made of velvet with a gold-colored engraving), the best is inside, since Your color selection is very versatile... ideal for those who like neutral tones and we need a basic palette to carry in the bag.

Its texture is quite silky, the level of pigmentation is good And they work pretty well. As for its duration I must say that in my case I must use a prebase of shadows underneath because I have a very fatty eyelid (although that happens to me with all the shadows).

The tones are very autumnal and I love that feature... if I don't want to make up a lot I can unify the tone with the beige and give a little light with the champagne (which has very beautiful tiny glitters). The anthracite gray looks great on a black base and the garnet gives a very original point ... as I told you at the beginning, it is a basic palette but it works very well. I think it is worth considering that its price is 5.69 euros.

Have any of you tried it? Do you usually like the shadows of this brand?

In Jared Beauty | The delicacy made makeup collection: this is Kaviar Gauche de Catrice