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In case you were wondering what a summer dress from a store like Zara or H&M around the world costs, this study has just resolved your doubts

We have already talked about the price difference of Inditex garments around the world on occasion. But now we have data from a study that proves it. And they go beyond.

Deutsche Bank, in its annual report of global prices and standard of living "Mapping the World's Prices 2019" not only takes into account the prices of the Spanish fashion giant low cost. If not, it analyzes the prices of all stores low cost common in the streets of the main cities (among which are Zara and H&M). And according to the results of the analysis they have done this year, Spain and specifically Madrid is one of the cheapest places in the world to go shopping. At least to buy a summer dress, which is what they have studied. The price of the same garment doubles in some countries, exceeding double.

The best advice may be to go shopping before going on vacation.

So if you want to go summer shopping and save, the best advice may be to do it before going on vacation. Especially if your intention is to buy in one of those chain stores that have establishments in the main streets of all countries. Of course, a good idea would be to go to a store that only exists in the country where you are. And for this you may like this compilation that we did some time ago with the best clothing stores around the world.

This year, the cheapest city in the world to buy you a summer dress is Lagos, in Nigeria, where the average price of this garment is around $ 27. And it is followed by Athens, Greece ($ 28); Istanbul, Turkey ($ 28), Dhaka, Bangladesh ($ 31); Manila, Philippines ($ 31); Lisbon, Portugal ($ 31); Jakarta, Indonesia ($ 31) and Madrid. In the Spanish capital a dress of this type of stores costs on average 32 dollars, 3% less than it cost last year and 11% less than it cost in 2014.

Conversely, Riyadh in Saudi Arabia is the most expensive city to buy a dress. In her a dress costs more than double that in Madrid (68 dollars). Next, there is Dubai, United Arab Emirates ($ 67); Zurich, Switzerland ($ 67); Sydney, Australia ($ 60); Frankfurt, Germany ($ 58); Rio de Janeiro, Brazil ($ 51); Amsterdam, Germany (51 dollars) and Oslo, Norway (51 dollars).

The average price of a dress in other big cities

In Shanghai the average you will spend if you buy a summer dress will be about 49 dollars, in Tokyo 35 and in Moscow 50. In New York and Mexico the price of your ticket will be around 41 dollars.

In Europe, prices are also far from each other. $ 48 if you're in Paris, $ 46 in London, $ 45 in Brussels, $ 57 in Vienna, $ 36 in Rome and $ 35 in Berlin.

Cities where the price of clothing has changed the most during this last year

If we take into account the average price of a dress last year, it is striking that Warsaw (+ 35%), Amsterdam (+ 32%) and Frankfurt (+ 29%) have raised their price. And as in Buenos Aires (-35%), Athens (-27%) and Wellington (-27%) have gone down.

The study conducted by the bank collects data published on the Internet and in secondary sources and takes into account rates and discounts. To do so, they use distributed open collaboration techniques to collect and aggregate price data.

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