Stradivarius launches into the pool with a new line for men that will be released in February 2017

Rumors confirmed, Stradivarius will bet on men's fashion in 2017. With this strategic movement, the chain will be able to expand its target audience and attract men between the ages of 20 and 30. This news is not surprising, since with the exception of Uterqüe and Stradivarius itself, all Inditex chains have collections for men. However, it won't be until February of 2017 when we can observe and buy the first creations menswear from Stradivarius.

Mid last year Stradivarius He began composing the commercial and design team that will handle the men's line from the headquarters in Sallent (Barcelona). His maxims when designing collections for men will continue to be the same as in fashion womenswear: urban, cosmopolitan and trendy clothes.

Predictably This new line will be incorporated into the stores owned by the Inditex chain and it will be integrated with the female line, making the necessary adaptations or extensions of the premises, but at no time is it planned to separate both lines in differentiated physical stores.

Stradivarius closed the 2015 financial year with 1,289 million euros in net sales, 950 physical stores, 40 new openings in the year and the online launch in China (data obtained from the 2015 Annual Report published by Inditex). Everything seems to indicate that the chain's growth will be even more vertiginous with the launch of Stradivarius man.

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