The black mud cleansing balm from Omorovizca that I have included in my facial cleansing routine is also used by Karlie Kloss and it is a pleasure

I had heard about Omorovizca and its benefits but it was not until his presentation in our country when I had the pleasure of touching his products and putting a face to his creator. The cosmetic firm that "collects the therapeutic benefits of thermal water in Budapest" and the "more advanced advances in dermocosmetics" is the favorite for skin treatment of Naoko Scintu, makeup artist Karlie kloss. Therefore, the model uses it regularly to prepare her skin before makeup.

According to the firm, all its products include the system Healing Concentrate for bring therapeutic minerals to the deepest layers of the skin. And ensure that, therefore, their products get a more juicy complexion, looking young.

His cosmetic line has more than fifty products but the Thermal Cleansing Balm (65 euros) was the one he wanted to try. And it amazed me. Consists in a Hungarian Moor mud extracted from Lake Heviz near Budapest and has a 100% natural formula It contains only beneficial ingredients for the skin. Its mud texture transforms into oil on contact with the skin and the sensation is super pleasant.

It contains:

  • "Calcium and magnesium carbonates, humic acid and fulvic acid, which together purify and nourish the skin."
  • "Sweet almond oil, rich in vitamin E, fills the skin and leaves it soft and hydrated while removing makeup and impurities."
  • "The stimulating aroma of the orange flower transforms cleanliness into a sensual ritual."

To use it, simply apply a small amount on dry skin and massage it, then remove it with a damp and hot towel that can be that of the firm (12 euros) or the one you use regularly.

It is suitable for all skin types, it also serves to remove makeup and, after using it, I feel a deep cleansing feeling that I love.

I have included it in my cleaning beauty routine using it as a double cleaning step. Being oily, at first I used it as a first step that I supplemented with soapy cleanser. But the feeling he leaves in the end I liked so much that I thought that the combination micellar water + mud at the end is the most appropriate. Eliminating makeup and grease residues with micellar water and ending with the mud to remove dead cells and finish cleaning the skin, it also achieves a very gentle exfoliating effect.

Using it before going to sleep is a pleasure. You can finish your routine with a tonic, a treatment product and your usual cream.

Other interesting products of the firm

In addition to the mud cleaner, I have tried the Peach Micellar Cleaner (45 euros) and the Daily Vitamin C Serum (105 euros).

The first one very comfortable cleaner on the go in disc formats that is super soft and smells like peach.

The second one milky textured serum with a vitamin C and hyaluronic acid which, according to the brand, "Thanks to the high stability of Sodium Ascorbyl phosphate, it ensures the product a longer life and does not oxidize when it comes into contact with oxygen". It goes very well to protect from environmental aggressors, reduce sun spots, provide luminosity and hide the first lines of expression. If you dare to try it don't forget to use a sunscreen after with SPF.

The product was provided for testing by Omorovizca. You can check our business relations policy for more information.

Video: Medileen Black Mud Cleansing Balm (November 2019).