Future brides in style: these are the trends seen at the NYFW Bridal Week

Give the Yes, I want It is not a passing trend: love is in the air and it is sealed by the altar. Every year the Bridal Fashion Weeks they attract attention and future girlfriends they look at the trends that reign the season. With the NYFW Bridal Week Spring-Summer 2020 When finished, we show you the trends seen that have attracted the most attention.

Transparency to power

Although it may seem impossible, transparencies bring delicacy and femininity to the final design. With tulle and rhinestones as best companions, transparent dresses are increasingly more adept (and not surprising).

From left to right: Berta and Mira Zwillinger (Photos: IMaxTree)

The sleeves take control

Flared, balloon type or puffed: the skirts take control of the situation and make a big difference. If you want to stand out above the other brides, opt for a design where the sleeves are the protagonists.

From left to right: Watters, Lela Rose and Francesca Miranda (Photos: IMaxTree)

Fine and delicate straps

From left to right: Lela Rose, Watters and Reem Acra (Photos: IMaxTree)

Delicate, fine and simple. Strapless dresses are the favorites of next season and each designer has presented their own version demonstrating - once again - that simplicity is key.

From left to right: Amsale, Rivini and Lela Rose (Photos: IMaxTree)

With a big cut in the skirt

Like Estopa sang in the late 90s, the slit of the skirt becomes infinite in this type of design. The dresses that come with a great cut in the skirt give off style without much need.

From left to right: Look at Zwillinger and Watters (Photos: ImaxTree)

Dare with a pantsuit

As in the street style, the pantsuit invades everything. The brides who choose this type of two pieces show off their personality and style without equal. Sleeveless, with a blazer-dress or in dark colors, this two pieces has more and more prominence.

From left to right: Reem Acra, Berta and Lela Rose (Photos: IMaxTree)

Straight Word of Honor

Simple and lifelong. It seems that the classic never goes out of style and the straight strapless neckline will continue to cause sensation. As the years go by, wedding dresses with this type of neckline are one of the safe bets.

From left to right: Justin Alexander, Lela Rose and Ines di Santo (Photos: IMaxTree)

Necklines marked and (very) pronounced

To infinity and beyond! The pronounced mega V-necklines appear before us in a glamorous way and without losing composure. You can opt for this neckline without looking vulgar (and these designs are the proof).

From left to right: Berta, Theia and Mira Zwillinger (Photos: IMaxTree)

The accessories come in black color

To create contrasts and combine opposite tones, so much so that one of the most upward trends is to complement the white dress with black accessories. Whether a belt, XXL gloves or even hats, the color black will attract the attention of all guests.

From left to right: Ines di Santo, Watters and Phuong My (Photos: IMaxTree)

The straps (or sleeves) are worn down

Romantic wedding dresses gain strength if they come with the straps - or sleeves - dropped on the sides. Although it is not a novelty, during the NYFW Bridal Week Spring-Summer 2020 there have been many designers who have chosen this type of detail.

From left to right: Berta, Morilee By Morilee Gardner and Rivini (Photos: IMaxTree)

Pink as the only protagonist

For all those brides looking to make a difference, the color pink becomes the star tonight of the next season. In stick color, mixing different versions of pink or accompanied by white, this tone will be a favorite.

From left to right: Reem Acra and Ines di Santo (Photos: IMaxTree)

Mini versions that break with everything

For tastes, the versions. There are more and more followers who want to say yes, I want to be dressed in a mini dress and designers launch different proposals to conquer the whole world.

From left to right: Lela Rose, Mira Zwillinger and Reem Acra (Photos: IMaxTree)

For those looking to make the (big) difference

If what you are looking for is to make a difference and be true to your style, it is likely that the option of wearing a cropped top with a full-fledged skirt becomes your best option.

Spring-Summer 2020 Watters (Photo: ImaxTree)

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