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Private Party, the swimsuit firm that triumphs in social networks (and that can be yours on sale)

In summer there is always one signature that becomes fashionable or throw a garment that becomes viral. Social networks help their expansion and many times we see how we run out of them. This summer 2016 It is a swimsuit that is causing rage in Instagram, and not only thanks to bloggers. Celebrities have also fallen before him and reasons are not lacking. It's about the signature Private party which presents some simple but very cool models.

In plain colors such as black or red, they stand out for having a name -short- that make it a garment of desire. Bae watch, Mojito or Just married They are some of the most sought after slogans. From Kourtney Kardashian to Hailey Baldwin through Kylie Jenner are some of the names that come to mind when we think of this one.

In our country, it was Aida Domenech who introduced us to this firm during her stay in Australia (during the month of January). Very low cut on the back, the only drawback of these models is their price ... Something like 90 euros. But luckily! there are firms that are inspired by it and offer us cheaper versions ...

More options (economic)

  • In turquoise blue with the motto Los Angeles de Missguided, 15,96 euros.
  • Orange of Missguided, 23.94 euros.
  • Black of New Look, 23.99 euros.
  • Swimsuit with detail St Tropez de Missguided, 33.99 euros.
  • Fuchsia pink from Missguided, 23.94 euros.

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