Do you want to have a tea party in the style of the Mad Hatter? We give you some ideas

It's never too late to organize a tea party in honor of one of the all time favorite classic characters: the Mad Hatter. And more now than Alice in Wonderland It's more fashionable than ever thanks to the Tim Burton movie. But to give a crazy, crazy, crazy party it takes more than a few cups and some tea bags, right? We have searched the net to bring you some good ideas.

To start: you will need a place to place the delicatessen.

This fountain for multi-storey cakes is made of fine porcelain and decorated with delicious classic illustrations of the characters of Alice in Wonderland. The perfect place to serve sandwiches, cakes and tea pastries.

Don't forget to illuminate the scene with theatricality.

With a colorful and baroque style lamp, like the Gasgan Barock Rainbow Chandelier model. Its gems of different colors will make everything more psychedelic and fun.

Do not miss a comfortable place to sit.

And if possible, based on other things, with the appearance of having gone through many adventures and owners or having been half-life crouched in the warehouse of an old antique dealer. Oh, and having a lot to tell. Like the Leberta Victoria Corner sofa.

Or a crazier place to rest your feet.

No, you have not dreamed it. Nor is it the result of a fantasy fruit of madness. The Large Wooden Mushroom Stool stool resembles a giant mushroom, but it is not.

The boxes to store all kinds of junk are never too much.

An elegant and colonial design to save your cards before starting the game. Or all your secrets. The boxes of the Playing Card Book Storage series are ideal for completing the scenery.

Important: a clock to arrive just in time.

Yes, it is based on a Dalí painting rather than an appointment for tea, but time flies when you are late, so much better to have a well-visible clock to prepare the excuse for our delay.

... And, of course, don't miss a proper cup.

Of the finest porcelain you can find and that allows you to stretch a lot, a lot of your finger. Or drink tea upside down, making pine or not drinking it. It's your crazy party and you decide how to celebrate it.

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