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And if our daughters grow up without complexes, it depends on us?

It is not about any revolutionary treatment, nor that we undergo any special treatment or even change our lifestyle ... We are simply talking about a radical change in attitude. What if that attitude were decisive so that in the future Our daughters' self-esteem does not depend on wrinkles anymore or some stretch marks?

We live in a world completely obsessed by the physicist. So obsessed that sometimes I have the impression that other virtues, such as intelligence, sympathy or kindness, no longer serve anything, that all that matters is being handsome or not.

And the worst: we are increasingly worried about our appearance from an early age. Personally I get my hair on end when I hear one of my daughters complain because she has a little belly or worry about what the other children in the class will say because the ophthalmologist has decided that she needs glasses.

Please: they are only girls. They should worry about playing and having fun, not their appearance. And the children's bellies are very cute. And perfectly normal.

But then I remember that my daughters They are used to seeing me complain how much it costs me to lose those extra kilos, to whimper in front of the mirror because such or such a thing does not fit me, to thoroughly analyze each wrinkle and each cane that comes out and spin the subject for hours with each female with the That crossed me.

Pressure for physical perfection ... is it only from outside?

And I realize that in part I am responsible for that pressure that already exists on them. That they are daily witnesses of my insecurities, that they drink from my self-demand and that they consider it normal for me to spend the day criticizing things about myself. If I. It's not just the ads, or the media, or YouTube. It is not necessary that my daughters go too far to receive a good dose of obsession That affects us all.

Was it the same when we were little? Was there such brutal pressure on the generation of our mothers? Did we worry about girls so much about our appearance? I don't remember it that way. I do remember that my mother did diets from time to time (we are a family with a tendency to take extra kilos) and that she cleaned the complexion once a month or went to the hairdresser to wick. But I do not remember my mother obsessed with maintaining the same size after birth, or trying to appear ten years less all the time ...

That does not mean that our mothers were not great and attractive, but they were in their own way, in their style, for their age. They didn't pretend to be something they weren't. No one demanded it, of course.

And yet we we have assumed that impossible as something that is part of our normality. It is normal not to have wrinkles after forty. It is normal to keep the same size after several births. That it is normal to want to have cellulite-free legs, toned arms and a firm stomach as the years go by. Against the Law of Gravity.

But no. It is not. Absolutely.

Let's accept that the impossible is not possible.

Taking care of yourself and wanting to look good is one thing. Being obsessed with impossible is another good. Wanting to be beautiful after forty-five is great. Wanting to have no wrinkles after forty-five is a chimera. Keeping our figure unchanged through the decades is impossible. And we know it. So why do we become obsessed with getting it? Why do we leave so much effort, so much money, so many tears to be what we are not?

I have concluded that we have to do ourselves a favor, not only for ourselves but for our daughters. We have to accept that taking care of ourselves is not the same as obsessing with becoming something we are not. Because after all that means we don't love each other.

If we want tomorrow our daughters do not have to worry about their wrinkles change must start with us. A change of attitude is fundamental if we do not repeat our behaviors in the future. If we want them to be happier, freer, more authentic ... with or without wrinkles.

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