Beauty and celebrities: the secrets of the Grammys 2016

How I like the big red carpets, but not only to see the models and looks that show us under the spotlights, but to find out all the previous steps thanks to our post of beauty and celebrities. Now play unveil the secrets of the 2016 Grammys, of makeup, hairstyles and everything there was and for having through social networks, especially Instagram. Do not miss it!

Lady Gaga

One of the sensations of the night was her and her particular tribute to David Bowie. Your makeup artist, Sarah Nicole Tanno, created this look with Sephora products, Yes, from Sephora.

I love this photo in full preparation.

Kaley Cuoco

How could it be otherwise, Kaley has uploaded us a lot of photos. Well, she and her team.

Thus, we have from the fully promotional photo of Ren's products for the skin ...

To other products used in makeup, with much presence of the Ren Skincare brand.

For your hair, as they tell us, the GHD platinum stylers They were essential.

Bella Hadid

We start with the model and all the details of her makeup that Vincent Oquendo leaves us, in charge of carrying it out. Products of Chanel or Kat Von D.

For your hair, we have a series of photos of your stylist, Mark Townsend and the process, where GHD tools had a special role, mainly the stylers, as well as the products of Dove


Watch out for Ciara's low ponytail, you have to take note, just as your stylist hairdresser leaves us.

Alessandra Ambrosio

Awesome smoking in the foreground of Alessandra work of Beau Nelson

I leave your Instagram image where he talks about all the brands he has used, not too many, the following ...

Selena Gomez

As good Pantene girl and as an image of the firm, Selena Gomez He wore a mane of scandal, with volume, movement and much thickness. Come on, something we all want (I at least).


Here, directly, you have Zendaya explaining the products of your look signed by CoverGirl, brand of which is new image.

Demi lovato

First the complete explanation of the makeup, step by step your makeup artist leaves us, Jill Powell, although the photo is not the best, by the way.

It looks better here.

And for the hair, we have signature products Sexy Hair and GHD also, all under the control of the hands of Clyde Haygood which is what Demi usually trusts.

Chrissy Teigen

And we continue with more looks and secrets. In the case of Chrissy, his makeup artist Mary Phillips Share all the products, which are also a few.

Meghan Trianor

In full preparation.

And here the ins and outs of the 2016 Grammys told by their protagonists.

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