Lip Kit by Kylie (from Kylie Jenner) will release three new shades

After managing to sell out all your products in less than 5 minutes and earn 8 million dollars in 34 seconds, Kylie Jenner is ready to expand its already famous collection Lip Kit by Kylie. His collection of glosses and lip liner expands his family by adding three new shades For this new season. Is he world prepared for this? Surely your fans do.

This new collection is born inspired by Valentine's Day, and although you only know a single shade of the three that will form the new collection, we can already imagine where they will be focused. And it is that pink is the protagonist. Under the name Posie K Swatch (chosen by one of his followers), this bubblegum pink has a delicious matte finishing touch.

Three new shades

At the moment we only know a single color of the three that will form this new color, but as we have already said we assume that pink will be the protagonist. And if the collection is inspired by Valentine ... Some red can also fall. The social networks are waiting impatiently for the information that Kylie is providing little by little (exclusively in her paid app) and they are wondering when the entire collection will be born (as well as when more lipsticks are going to be replaced).

Kylie, the best claim

With only 18 years, Kylie Jenner has managed to advance all her sisters and position herself as one of the most influential people today. He is kneading an unthinkable fortune for a girl his age and does not take a single flash step. Its constant changes in physique, as well as the importance it gives to its lips, have made this product line a total success, and beauty firms observe their achievements astonished in a few minutes. For everything and this (and much more), it should not surprise us that she herself is the protagonist of the campaigns of her own firm.

Do you think the new colors will succeed as much as the first?

Video: Kylie Jenner Unveils Three NEW Summer Lip Kit Colors (November 2019).